Links to useful information

Here you will find a collection of useful links and sources of information to help you live for the King.

Want to find out what this God stuff's all about? Check this out.

Reference Sites:

Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Victorian Christian Union Website

Sermons and resources

  • University Reformed Church - Free sermons from Kevin DeYoung @ University Reformed Church in Michigan. (If you find their Shockwave plugin crashes regularly - which I do - you can also access their sermons on their Vimeo channel)
  • Gospel in Life - Free sermons from Tim Keller @ Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York
  • Bundoora Presbyterian Church - free podcast of sermons at Bundoora Presbyterian Church in Melbourne
  • The Gospel Coalition - This is a wonderful resource created by D.A. Carsona and Tim Keller that brings together a large amount of resources from Reformed Evangelical churches across the World for God's glory. Along with the myriad of resources they host on their website, they also have a Youtube and Vimeo channel where they upload interviews, talks and seminars for others to access.
  •              (a useful resource by UK CU's for addressing those tough questions)
  •                   (another uesful resource for working out answers to your questions)

Courses previously run by Gippy CU: