FOCUS @ Gippsland

International Students @ Gippsland


FOCUS is the Fellowship of Overseas Christian Union Students. We all come from different countries and different church backgrounds. Our common bond is a love for Jesus, a commitment to study the Scriptures and to make Christ known to others. We care for and encourage each other towards love and maturity in Christ. Our fellowship is warm and friendly. We also welcome those seeking Christ and invite you to join us if you are someone who is interested to find out more about the Bible and Jesus.



Exploring Christianity - time and location yet to be confirmed. If you are interested, please let us know by sending us a short message here with 'Exploring Christianity' in the subject line and you'll be the first to know!

Cross Training (combined with the rest of CU) meet at 5pm for training followed by food ($5).

See the main event page or facebook group for details.

See Gippsland! Join the facebook group to hear about the sight-seeing trips that FOCUS and CU will be running.


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